Info for Vendors



How the Online Market will work:

Beginning April 16 the online Market will be open for pickup by customers on Thursdays and Saturdays. Customers will have to pre-order and pre-pay to do pickups. To order for the Thursday Market they will have to place orders no later than Tuesday evening, 8:00 p.m.  To order for Saturday Market they will have to place orders no later than Thursday evening, 8:00 p.m.  Customers will pick up their orders curbside at the Brick House. Customers will not be allowed in the Brick House.

We are organizing everything to minimize physical contact and to maximize safety for our vendors, volunteers, and customers. We ask that you follow instructions as closely as you can, and ask questions if you have any: .

Vendors of perishable items: baked goods, veggies, milk, etc.

Customers will purchase products only by pre-ordering and pre-paying. We cannot sell your product if it is not entered properly into the online store well in advance of customers placing orders.

That means you must inform us no later than Sunday night at 8:00 before the Market week begins exactly (1) what products you will have available for purchase, (2) what each product will cost, and (3) how much of it will be available for sale. Also, (4) we would like a picture of the product to put in the online catalogue. If you will bake only 3 breads of a particular kind, or have a dozen bunches of radishes, that is what we will put up for sale. Because customers will prepay by credit card, you must deliver the product you promise.  To inform us of your product in time for customers to order, by 8:00 p.m. Sundays:

  • Fresh Baked Goods:  post exactly what you will bring to Market, cost, picture at the Bakers Facebook Messenger thread.
  • Other perishables: Email your information to

We will tell you what has been ordered of your product and for what days as soon as the customer order time closes.

To deliver your product, please bring it into the Brick House before the Curbside Market opens so we can take your product in and pack it up for our customers in an orderly and safe way.  So this looks like:

  • Thursday Market: Perishable product must be delivered 1:45-2:15
  • Saturday Market: Perishable product must be delivered 8:45-9:15


Thanks to all of you. We’re all working hard to make this happen and to keep all of us safe and healthy. Looking forward to working with you!

Are you interested in working with Gilmanton’s Own Market?

We are always looking for new farmers, artisans, and artists who would like to sell their products through the Market. Although we have “Gilmanton” in our name, we serve vendors in the greater Belknap/Merrimack counties region.

The core trade at Gilmanton’s Own Market is in food and other agricultural products, plus other home-made artisanal goods and creative work. The main limitation is that everything we sell has to be grown or produced in the local area, and it has to be high quality (of course!).

If you are interested in selling your products at the Market please review our GOI Producer Guidelines, available here: goi-producer-guidelines2020 and fill out the Vendor Application available here:  goiapplication2020.   Please also feel free to talk to any member of the Board of Directors, or contact us by emailing . We are happy to talk with you.

We recommend that returning vendors re-familiarize yourself with the guidelines. There are a couple of changes. The most notable is that the commission rates have changed:  15% for those who work 12 hours per month for the Market (with at least 6 hours in every 2 week period), and 25% for those who do not.

IF YOU ARE A CURRENT VENDOR AND ARE THINKING OF BRINGING A NEW PRODUCT TO THE MARKET:  You are welcome to bring in new products that are very close in kind to what you already offer through the Market, although it is important to consult with the coordinator you work with. For example, bakers might try a new kind of baked good, a knitter might do mittens as well as socks, vegetable growers might bring in new produce. If you wish to bring in goods in a new category, you should fill out an Addendum to Application to be considered by the Board. For example, a vegetable grower may consider baking, a crafts person may consider providing eggs or vegetables, etc.

INVENTORY LIST FORMS FOR CURRENT VENDORS: Life is hectic at the beginning of the Market day and we want to make sure we enter your inventory and prices correctly (so you get paid the right amount!). This year we are asking all vendors to bring a filled-in inventory sheet with you when you bring your goods to Market. Below this paragraph you will see the connection to bring up either version you want: Excel or Word. (Doesn’t matter to us.) You have 2 options. Either bring up the form you want, fill it in, and print it, then sign.  Or bring up the form you want, print it, and fill it all in by hand.  If you don’t have a printer we will have printed forms available for you to take home and use.  Pick one up for the next time when you drop off your goods.

Excel Version:  INVENTORY 2019

Word Version: INVENTORY2019

ALSO: Please help us make sure we have updated bar codes and bar code labels for you for all your products. It is the bar code system that makes sure our electronic records track your inventory and sales accurately.