Info for Vendors



The last day of the 2019 season at the Market will be Sunday, December 29. We will be re-opening in  April.

We would like to continue to serve you and help you connect to customers while the Market is closed. To do that, we will post on our website and Facebook page a list of all the Gilmanton’s Own vendors who have products for sale through the winter months, with information on the products, how to get in touch with you to make purchases, and any other notes that will help you make sales as you wish. This is a service to you; there is no commission on your winter sales even if customers make the connection through the Market sites. Please fill out the form and return it to us so you can be listed.

We also would like to hear as soon as possible whether you anticipate any changes in what you will sell through the Market next year.

Finally, we will hold an open house/meeting for Gilmanton’s Own Market vendors during the winter to report on and discuss what we learned from this year’s Market experience as well as ideas for improvements next year. We will be in touch about that.


We have put a copy of this form in your file, attached to your most recent check if there is one there. You can also print out, fill in, and mail or drop off the VendorFormWinter201920. You can also just email the following information. Whatever is easiest. But we do want to promote your goods over the winter!

  1. Your business name and personal name:
  2. All contact information you want listed on the Gilmanton’s Own website: (such as address, phone, email, Facebook, Twitter etc.
  3. What products will you offer between January 1 – April 8, when the Market is closed? For each product tell us:
  4. What the product is, with a brief description if necessary
    • How to contact you to purchase (e.g. phone, Message, email, etc.)
    • Any other information customers need to make purchases.
    • Let us know whether there are other shops where your products will be available during the winter.

Send us your info by dropping it off in the Market, mailing it to Gilmanton’s Own, Inc., P.O. Box 223, Gilmanton, NH 03237; or sending it by email attachment to

We are always looking for new farmers, artisans, and artists who would like to sell their products through the Market. Although we have “Gilmanton” in our name, we serve vendors in the greater Belknap/Merrimack counties region.

The core trade at Gilmanton’s Own Market is food and other agricultural products, and those products have priority for space. But we have a great range of other home-made artisanal goods and creative work. The main limitation is that everything we sell has to be grown or produced in the local area, and it has to be high quality (of course!).

If you are interested in selling your products at the Market please review our GOI Producer Guidelines, available here: goi-producer-guidelines2019 and fill out the Vendor Application available here:  GOIAPPLICATION2019.   Please also feel free to talk to any member of the Board of Directors, or contact us by emailing . We are happy to talk with you.

IF YOU ARE A CURRENT VENDOR AND ARE THINKING OF BRINGING A NEW PRODUCT TO THE MARKET:  You are welcome to bring in new products that are very close in kind to what you already offer through the Market, although it is important to consult with the coordinator you work with. For example, bakers might try a new kind of baked good, a knitter might do mittens as well as socks, vegetable growers might bring in new produce. If you wish to bring in goods in a new category, you should fill out an Addendum to Application to be considered by the Board. For example, a vegetable grower may consider baking, a crafts person may consider providing eggs or vegetables, etc.

INVENTORY LIST FORMS FOR CURRENT VENDORS: Life is hectic at the beginning of the Market day and we want to make sure we enter your inventory and prices correctly (so you get paid the right amount!). This year we are asking all vendors to bring a filled-in inventory sheet with you when you bring your goods to Market. Below this paragraph you will see the connection to bring up either version you want: Excel or Word. (Doesn’t matter to us.) You have 2 options. Either bring up the form you want, fill it in, and print it, then sign.  Or bring up the form you want, print it, and fill it all in by hand.  If you don’t have a printer we will have printed forms available for you to take home and use.  Pick one up for the next time when you drop off your goods.

Excel Version:  INVENTORY 2019

Word Version: INVENTORY2019

ALSO: Please help us make sure we have updated bar codes and bar code labels for you for all your products. It is the bar code system that makes sure our electronic records track your inventory and sales accurately.