Who We Are

The organizers of Gilmanton’s Own, Inc. are local farmers and artisans working to provide a convenient common site for consumers in Gilmanton and surrounding towns to purchase locally produced meat, fruits, vegetables, flowers, honey, maple syrup and related agricultural products as well as hand-made items.

We welcome all Gilmanton farmers, market gardeners, artisans, and supporters of this Gilmanton effort to get in touch with us.  The success of Gilmanton’s Own, Inc. depends on broad community involvement. Please join us in these efforts — join us, support this great Gilmanton venture with your involvement and your dollars, tell your friends, watch for news and events.

Board of Directors & Officers

Sarah Baldwin-Welcome (2018-20), President
P. O. Box 202
Lower Gilmanton, NH 03237
Home: 603-435-0711
Email: provpalt@metrocast.net

Virginia Sapiro (2020-22), Vice President
566 Loon Pond Road
Gilmanton, NH 03237
Phone: 603-267-7160
Website: www.jonesmillhouse.com
Email: vsapiro@gmail.com

Michelle Descoteaux (2018-20), Secretary
317 Loon Pond Road
Gilmanton, NH 03237
Home: 603-267-5038
Website: www.stillseekingfarmllc.com
Email: stillseekingfarm@gmail.com

Eileen Pugh (2020-22)
P.O. Box 69, Gilmanton, NH 03237
Phone: 310-738-5024
Email: jensenpugh@gmail.com

Jane Sisti (2019-21)
30 Geddes Rd.
Gilmanton Iron Works, NH 03837
Phone: 603-364-7437
Email:  sparetimejs@gmail.com

All Gilmanton farmers are invited to contact us and get involved!
Contact a Director
See our Facebook page: Gilmanton’s Own
Website: Gilmanton’s Own.
Twitter:  @GilmantonsOwn

Gilmanton’s Own, Inc. former Board of Directors

Betty Ann Abbott, GIW

Heather Achilles, Gilmanton

Keith Descoteaux, Gilmanton
Thomie Dombrowski, Lower Gilmanton
Paula Gilman, Lower Gilmanton
Steve Owens, Gilmanton
Lisa Robinson, Gilmanton
Alicia Smith, Gilmanton

Gilmanton’s Own Advisory Board

AdvisoryBoard Current Members:

Heather Achilles,  Gilmanton
Anne  Bartlett, Gilmanton
Keith Descoteaux, Gilmanton
Marc Dole
Paula Gilman, Lower Gilmanton
Janice McCarthy
Lisa Robinson, Gilmanton
Vincenzo Sisti, GIW (2020-22)